SS501 8th anniversary project International Triples

Hello Green peas ..
The anniversary Day for ss501 is very close .. This day mean alot for all tripleS in wide world ..

So we must give our support to our lovely band ss501

We have very simple idea ~ it includes alot of meanings and feelings if we’ll going with it ..

دكرى 8

Let me explain the whole idea to you

We want to celebrate this day together .. By sending a stands of flowers and put a flag of your own country on it
~ each country has own stand with own flag ~
Also if you want to put a small banner contain words for ss501 or pictures for ss501 together or even fans art
We will send it to DSP company to congratulate ss501 in this day ,

give them our support by some words such as

 ,,~ comeback soon ~ or something like that and to let them know that we‘re waiting for them til the end

دكرى 8

Our idea is similar to another project that YES has been done and sent it to Young Saeng
And I guess if we make a deal with one shop to send it together in the same time ~
will gonna be much batter
So If you had experience with another flowers shop
please send the link for us

دكرى 8

 .. !!!  Some would say why you chose DSP’s company
DSP is the company that produced SS501 band and she owns the rights of the name ,, there is no place else that will gather five of them together ,,

..! Also other would say
Choosing DSP company and send the flower to them will harasses other ss501 companies ..

I will tell you ..

Arab TripleS and Japan TripleS  had another project for ss501

and we were need to take permission from all ss501 current companies also the DSP
.. And they all gave us a positive reaction 


Also we have called DSP company personally and we took the permission from them
And they replyed by this
” Its good to find such a loyal fans like you .. And we’ve showed the idea to the manger and he said that he’shave no problem with that and he’s ready to accept ss501 feelings  again


just to remind you

 our goal is one and it’s so clear to support ss501 only and to prove that tripleS around the world are still beside them
Many tripleS overseas want to prove themself too

دكرى 8

Many arab counties in the middle east , peru and columbia will participate
We want many countries to join us too ~

We will refresh this thread later about the details of sending a stands
If you have any questions about this project don’t hesitate to send it

دكرى 8

About this project

we find a big support from peru tripleS @Triple_S_Peru ~
So both of us decided to do it together and share it with triples around the world

Good Luck


39 تعليقات على “SS501 8th anniversary project International Triples

  1. Hello,i am Triple S from Malaysia. i really wanted to join.can ypu please enlighten me of what i can help for this project?i can recruit fellow Malaysia Triple S to join too.thanks

    • Welcome Malaysian triples We’re happy to that your with us in the project give us a few time and we will refresh the project later on the details how to send and the flower shop

  2. Hii !!
    I’m from Argentina and I really want to participate !!
    But I didn’t see how .. Please, could you tell me what will you do ??
    Will you send something or you will join to another project ?? Please, tell me so me and my friends will be able to participate too 😀

    Thanks a lot !! ^^ ♥

    • Hi Argentina ts , nice to meet you I am so happy that you want to participate in the project, today or tomorrow I’ll send yo you all the information about how you can send flowers just
      Have a good day

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