Updating ~ 8th anniversary project for global TripleS

hello green peas
! we’ve writen about 8th anniversary for ss501 and we explained whole idea for you
you gonna find the explanationhere

first of all ~

! we apologize for been late to give you all details about this project

actually we got a huge number of msg from different countries around the world
we’re very happy for being of those amazing fans from
different countries ~ Asia, Africa , Europe , America

. the popularity of our kings such a wonderful and this what we want to prove it through this project
we want support them and prove being of global TrileS

التصميم 1
We’ve called DPS again for figure out some details but
they told us that there is no enough space to receive a lot of flower stands

Therefore ~ i prefer each country unite together to send one stand to be their country name on it
let me explain it more ~
like saudi Triples will send just one stand under thier name

..!! as other countries too 


today i’ll write the DSP address and flower stores at different prices for you all
to suit you ~

1st : DSP
Address서울시 강남구 논현동 36-12번지 DSP미디어 사옥
Phone no.. 0082253299457
Original website .. dspmedia

Will be sending flower stands on 8 june at 10 AM

التصميم 1

2nd : about flowers website we searched about flower stores at low price to suite you all

and we contacted them and explained what we want to check out their ability to achieve it


   also we asked them to put a flags on each stand but it’s difficult for them provide all these flags < so they will print flag’s photo on A4 paper

all you have to do just assure them to put your flag country and don’t forget to ask –
them taking pic for your stand then they’ll receive
your stand’s pic through the email that you’ll order from it

also they told us if there are alot of orders ~ they will
be a discount from 5% to 10 % .. if more than one country
order form the same store

التصميم 1

first store ! the prices is low to some extent

Phone no : Call Center Tel:+82-2-585-1495 / +82-42-487-8520
personal email : .. webmaster@flower-korea.com
note : if they not reply you by email you can call them
they will answer immediately

second store ! the price is high a little bit
After ordering ask us: sales@flowerseoul.kr
Before ordering ask us: flowerseoul.kr@gmail.com
Text message to cell phone: +82 10 5194 7037

التصميم 1

Now  ..!! you already have the address and a good stores of flowers
All you have to do just make a reservation under your country name and assure all what you want with flower stand such as ~

flag & the pic that they have to take it for your stand when arrive to DPS gate
Anniversary day will be 8 june at 10 AM

It’s up to uoi IF you want to buy from another store


if you have any Questions or any difficulty in order
Do not hesitate to contact us ..

at the end ~ you can order by yourself for sure but if you want our help we’ll be happy to help you all
we’re all Triples and our goal is one ^^

Good Luck


5 تعليقات على “Updating ~ 8th anniversary project for global TripleS

  1. Thank you sis! May I know if there are Albanian TS who will send flowers? My friend is Albanian but she does not have a bank account so she cannot send money.. Do you also have the individual fanmail addresses of SS501 because they want to send fanmails.. Thank you again sis

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