The Director of DSP Japanese company update & KBS arabic radio about bus project

bus for SS501 8th Anniversary in Seoul TripleS Arab & Japanese


. The Director of DSP Japanese company has changed his cover photo in facebook to SS501 & Triple S’s bus photo


.. Also he put a post in Arabic language
To all who are from Arabic country .. Thank you””
To who love the five of them ..
The five will return together for you again in a day thank you
let’s cheer until that time comes ..



On the other hand, KBS World Radio Arabic In Seoul

They called one of Arab fans and asked her to give them Arab Triple S phone numbers to call them,
and they also promised us that they will take a part in our happiness in 8 June.
On Saturday in the top song program they will be a special covering and a congratulation about this occasion ..
They will be played SS501 songs and received many calls from Arab Triple S and let them express about there feelings in that day

كي بي اسسس


Also there are arabic newspaper we still in a conversation with them so they can put the news and write a report about the band for the best band in medal east

By the way ss501 won 2 two years 2011-2012
.. in official votes for best Korean band in the medal east


3 تعليقات على “The Director of DSP Japanese company update & KBS arabic radio about bus project

  1. aigoooooooo ~ !!
    Aaaaaaah that’s Suuuuuuuuper amazing ~
    i’m soooo proud TvT ❤

    finally we have become known to Double S and the whole world by the arabic TRIPLE S ❤

    thanKYU ~ !!


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