KBS interview with the Arabic TripleS and talk about the bus project


KBS interview with the Arabic TripleS and talk about the bus project

In 8th JUN, KBS Arab radio conducted an interview with Arabian TripleS to talk about 8th anniversary of SS501 and talk about the bus project. Also, to share TripleS their feelings, and congratulate ss501 members in this occasion.
كي بي اسسس
… The important things that mentioned in the interview
? what is the goal of the bus project for the 8th anniversary
? What is the goal of 8th anniversary project
? How the reactions of ss501 members were

.The presenter … wished to be there when the bus started going –
. ” The presenter …. “SS501 is a great band, and it appreciates its fans

. ” The presenter …. talked about ss501 comeback and she said “Sure, we will wait for ss501 comeback


There was an Egyptian radio has prepared a report entitled

The most famous Korean band in the Arabic world

, and they talked about SS501 history since 2005 until 2013,

and the presenters gave Triples a chance to participate in the program,

and express their feelings. Also, request what they want from ss501 songs.
This event was the first of its kind in the Arabic radios


despite the members are doing their solo activities,

.but the number of their fans is growing significantly in the Arabic world especially as a group


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  1. واااااااو وانا اقراء افتكرر اول مابدانا بالمشرووع وانجزنا
    وشفنا الباص يمشي بسيؤول وتحديث الدبل كيو وجوني وابو سنوج
    ومدير الدسب الياباني بجد استمتعنا بهذا المشروع تربلز وكريزي احنا الافضل

  2. استغفر الله كيف بتقابلوون ربكم يوم القيامه
    وحلم يتحقق
    سوريااا احق ياعرررررررررررررررب

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