Announcement … supporting project for Kim Kyu Jong

Hello we are the Green peas around the world


Because of tripleS around the world and they want to cooperate with us in the projects that ,

we give to SS501 members We raised this subject to you

 .. We have a supporting project for Kim Kyu Jong Oppa

We will disclose it when we finish from it and we will send a book massage from Arab TripleS to Kyu Jong


.  Anyone wanted to leave a massage to Kyu Jong they have to send it on our Email

The terms of the massage is to be 140 letters only and to put his twitter account with your country The last day of the sending  massage will be next Friday Date 27-12

And we will send the project for Kyu Jong when his birthday came

Thank you


12 تعليقات على “Announcement … supporting project for Kim Kyu Jong

  1. hello sis! thankyu for the project!! ❤ ❤ but i have a confusion~ is it kyujong's ~twitter name or our own twitter name that we should write?? i hope to get the reply soon ^^ thankyu once again!~~~ ❤ ❤

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