What is the truth behind Kim Hyun joong alleged assault

 To be honest weren’t want to open the case again but because of what we are seeing from the Kpop fandoms who’s following the Journalists and .take  the information from one side. We decided to write this article for better understanding what’s going on with this case

 we don’t blame anyone, at the end You all just readers of the press, which is suppose  to show us the truth, not lies to attract readers and stirring public
I think you all watch Lee Jong-suk Drama “Pinocchio” Which talk about the reality of the Korean press ! and if you don’t you must watch it to make it easier for you to know and accept the reality of the Korean press and understand what are you talking about.
We don’t want you to believe hyun joong or Miss A ! we want you all to take a neutral side, and believe the police which was completely ignored by the press.
“First : Miss A by ” Dispatch 
In august 22 news spread about hyun joong allegedly assaulting on his ex-girlfriend after two years of dating started in 2012 
Dispatch reported that the alleged girlfriend, only identified as “A,” claims that Kim Hyun Joong beat her in his apartment back in May of this year, kicking and punching her and resulting in her needing two weeks in order to recover. Then in July, he beat her so severely that she suffered a fractured rib. She has submitted evidence of her relationship with Kim Hyun Joong and documentation of her injuries to the police. Police are still investigating the issue.
Second : on 23 August Kim Hyun Joong’s agency Key East releases statement on assault allegations against him
After confirming with Kim Hyun Joong, we found that it’s true the two parties have known each other since 2012, but they didn’t start dating until a few months ago… In the middle of their relationship, the two had intense exchange of words. Though it’s true that in their heightened emotional state things got physical, it’s not true that there was continual physical assaults or that she’s been battered and beaten over the past two months like what was reported Their physical fight was a one-time occurrence, and her fractured ribs didn’t occur due to their recent argument. Her ribs were injured while they were playing around previously, and the next day, they met with acquaintances. As there didn’t seem to be anything abnormal, her injury wasn’t recognized. We’re very disappointed about the one-sided reports from the accuser making headlines and the truth is being exaggerated. As stated in the previous article KHJ will be questioned by the police regarding the details of the alleged assault and until then is continuing on with his concert schedule.
3ed : The police report on 2ed of September 
The officer in charge of the case Said that : from the four charges that against him he only recognized one of them, he said that when he want to broke up with her , their feelings was so acute in the Debate which led to a slight push and defending from both sides
And about the Charges against him repeating the assault strongly denied. Also for breaking the rib Who got six weeks ago because of their play did not know about it. Because of the both sides have different sayings, will be summoned for further investigation.
“Everything seems vague to be able to prove the allegation of abuse by Hyun Joong to his girlfriend, there is no evidence other that Hyun Joong recognition of slight push and defending from both sides”
(Star News reporter Kim So Yeon 2014-09-03 08:45)
There is no English post to The police report , that’s shows that the Journalists doesn’t care about being true and even humanly with hyun joong
Now we will come to a point which is caused all this noise, a manipulation of the media and using  Hyun Joong by Miss “A” and press as a prey, and make everyone believe her
 !!Definitely, You will ask what about the picture and the Medical report 
In august 27 Dispatch shows picture and medical report as a Proof to aggression on his ex-girlfriend
:The final results from the police
First: The picture can’t take as a proof because it can be made by Makeup artist “like what used in movies!
You can see how to do it here :
Second: The Medical report wasn’t signed by a legal physician
What evidence they talking about? if wasn’t signed by a legal physician ?? Why the media ignores this fact and continue to pay him like he is already been convicted?This picture shows the fact of her medical report
Third:  She didn’t present the X-ray of the thoracic cage that prove the existence of a broken rib
Furth:  Photos was leaked and other illegally to the press .. that’s indicating she wanted deliberately withdraw the case to the public to pressure on Hyun Joong to accept the the deal with her ..because she perfectly know that evidence is not enough or even true and that the public will backers her,  and we all  know the Korean netizen
Source: http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?%20mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=106&oid=109&aid=0002879465&viewType=pc
Let us leave the police statements ,Now I want to explain to you how does she manipulated in the pictures
First: The picture for him with Miss “A” in 2012 after checking it turns out that it modified by photoshop
The picture Has been manipulated , there are more than two people in it , in addition the image shows that the shape of the room and lines is not consistent at all ! The images were not also in his apartment, this image was like any normal souvenir photo, but they been manipulated with it  to mislead people
!!It just 2012 why quality of this picture is so bad!! ? you can easily see how his hair and face ! it’s doesn’t match
 99 9
Second: The picture to her arm and leg After hyun joong beating her,as she says.Okay take a very accurate look ! Why she have the same shape of batting in her arm and leg? Also why she have moles in her arm and leg completely in the same location  ? Why she didn’t published  the true picture of her legs and published instead fabricated picture
 4 3
Third: I don’t think that we need to explain the text conversations ,  I can also fabricate conversation with Lady Gaga !
:After that in September 12 Miss a representative said 
” The current position is: he must recognize the repeated assault, if he didn’t, we will provide extra evidence to the police , our goal is: exposed the truth, and to do this he has to admit and apologize”
Okay? They said “we will provide extra evidence to the police
Is it legal to give a more evidences after the complaint submitted? If you have an more evidences why you didn’t give it to the police at first? Oh! You don’t !!have a time to create a new evidence right!!
Source: http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2014/09/kim-hyun-joongs-ex-girlfriend-releases.html
:Also in September 12 Hyun joong representative said 
“Both of their stances are indeed different, but we do not hope for their fight regarding right and wrong.  They knew each other for two years, and as they used to be a couple, conflict was created as they broke up.  Kim Hyun Joong is also trying hard to untangle that.  We are also in the midst of refining the apology in order to loosen up the feelings of a lover who had loved at one point.  We are focusing on the emotions as well as relieving the pain”
Source: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2014/09/both-sides-of-kim-hyun-joong-assault-case-give-an-update
:In September 15 Hyun Joong Publication his apologized on his official Korean page which contain
Hello, this is Kim Hyun Joong”
During the two years we have known each others, once trusted and loved; to that person I’ve hurt emotionally and mentally I do apologize
As a guy, I handle things badly and I’m embarrassed for the way things unfolded.
Since this situation is entirely mine to burden, don’t blame that other person
I want to say again to that person, I apologize and to that person family and friends as well.
Above all I hope that person accept my apology and forgive
“I’m going to reflect on what happen and do my best to be a better person
Please note that Hyun Joong apology to hurt her feelings and not apologizes for beating as the media manipulated
Source: http://www.hyun-joong.com/bbs/view.asp?idx=69094&code=notice&searchopt=&searchkey=&category=&page=1
:In September 15 Miss a lawyer, said
“We have not decided yet if we will drop the case, we are still in the situation to see if Hyun Joong sincere apology, we will give up, starting from now, we will evaluate if [his apology is sincere]”
I’m just wondering message is not long to read, how do they Rating his sincere apology!
: Source: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2014/09/kim-hyun-joongs-assault-case-comes-to-a-close-with-his-letter-of-apology
:In September 17 Issue fell and Miss A lawyer said 
” From the beginning, if he [Kim Hyun Joong] apologized, ‘A’ was planning on dropping charges under no condition or receipt of settlement money.”
Okay ? who did ask about money? Why did they mention the money ? and when hyun joong apology didn’t mention ” Repeating assault” and as they said before “he must recognize the repeated assault” , why they accept his apology ? any answer?
?So now if you wonder why did hyun joong responded to their demands if he is really innocent
Simply when the media against you, what is the point of making this take long time? Because in the end! the media plays a central role to make this case go to wrong way 
Even when he went to China for his concert from the world tour, which is already in the schedule before the case is start , media said, “hyun joong run away to China.”
And when he went to Peru also to the world tour, Which was in the same day of Chuseok holiday.  The media said ” Hyun Joong spend Chuseok holiday in Peru” Just to shows that hyun joong doesn’t care of the case.
  1. Kim Hyun Joong is innocent until now did not prove that he actually assaulted Miss A.  all the evidence presented by Miss A and Dispatch has been rejected
  2. Yellow journalism manipulation of important certain aspects , which leads to that Hyun Joong is innocent , which means that the press fabricated charges to him.
  3. The actions of Miss A irrationality by defamed Hyun Joong and filed a lawsuit and in the end she says “she only wants an apology!” And dispose of non-logical about accept to be with man who is repeats the assault more than twice! >>Are she mentally ill?
  4. The issue was closed innocently Hyun Joong except his admitting that we mentioned before because there were not evidence
Finally I want to show you some picture to hyun joong’s friends talking about the issue and I know that it’s not  evidence to prove that he is  innocent, but his friends know him more than us.
 Jung youn post this picture on facebook and said :  Scary 

Another friend post this on facebook said
 Do you love money that much ? I will make a lot of money and change the 5 billion ₩ to Coins from category 10 ₩ and bury you under a pile of them 

Mr. jeong the former bodyguard for Hyun joong posting this on his facebook 

Mr. Seo his manager also post 
This person really dear to me. So I am able to understand his heart, even when he is not expressed, I even felt like I could understand this man more than I can understand myself, Because of the time that we spent together, I know what kind of persons he is, We will have the same feelings to him and I really thankful to  you all. 
The end
This writing by : @Orania501 & @SengePrince
Translation to English by : @_De5tiny

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  1. Thank you so much to put everything together it help to see the whole story. It’s too sad for me to see a person’s life has been destroyed because of public ignorance I hope Kim Hyun Joong will find justice for himself and clear his name

  2. hey guys, this is khj supporters
    we gonna make a video with this evidence for youtube , we need your help 2
    could we use of your writings on your site, absolutely we will right the name of sources, & we need your help for another parts of the video 2, like a short video about how make bruises with make up, cause this one on your site is too long. if you accept to help us please connect us with our facebook channel or twitter . thx a lot.

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